[Syrphidae] a copy of Sack's key

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First, why would any one want to use Sack to identify Palaearctic =

It greatly out of date and there are much better things available.

However, I believe it is still in print (We (Smithsonian) bought a =
complete set of Lindner just a few years ago).

Go to www.schweizertbart.de and check it out.=20


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>>> Pierre-Nicolas LIBERT <pn.libert@mrw.wallonie.be> 03/01 9:01 AM >>>
Dear all,
I would greatly appreciate your help to find a copy of Sack's key of=20
Syrphidae: Sack P. (1928-1932) : 31. Syrphidae. In Lindner, E. (ed.), =
Fliegen der palearktischen Region. Band IV/6: 1-451, Taf. I-XVIII. . I=20
can't find it in Belgium. Can anybody help me?
Thank you very much
Pierre-Nicolas LIBERT
Pierre-Nicolas LIBERT
Scientific collaborator of the Zoology Museum,
Li=E8ge University, Belgium

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