[Syrphidae] Old Growth Temporate Rainforest Canopy Syrphids

rudis@uvic.ca rudis@uvic.ca
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:44:02 PST

Greetings from a new member;

A small number of Syrphids were caught in the canopy of a Sitka spruce Old Growth rainforest (West Coast Vancouver Island).

Two of the specimens have so far been identified as: Ocyptamus diversifasciatus (female) and Eupeodes (Eupeodes) volucris (not sexed).

1. Any good sources of literature on the biology of these two species?

2. Any speculation as to what they were doing in the canopy. E.g. any relevance to Ocyptamous' predation of Whiteflies?

Thanks and Regards

Rudi Samoszynski

Biology; University of Victoria
B.C. Canada