[Syrphidae] Xanthandrus comtus

Graham Rotheray g.rotheray@nms.ac.uk
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 11:53:48 +0000

Dear Steve, Although there are literature records for X. comtus eating
tortricid caterpillars (eg Ancylis unculana, Chapman 1906. Ent mon. Mag. 42,
14) I think L. forsterana may be a new prey species within Tortricidae, but it
would need checking.

Overall, there are few rearing records of this species in the UK so I think it
would be worth publishing a note for, say, Dipterists Digest.  See Bland and
Rotheray (1998 Dipterists Digest 5, 17) for recent rearing records and Stubbs
and Falk (1983) for background information.

All best wishes,
Graham Rotheray

Steven Crellin wrote:

> Hello to the group,
> I am sending this message on behalf of Fred Bennett. Fred has been rearing
> moths and parasites from Ivy (Hedera) for a few years now. This winter he
> has found the larvae of X. comtus, (id'ed from Dip. Digest No.9),predating
> the larvae of Lozotaenia forsterana (F.) and an as yet un-identified moth
> larva.
> We are wondering is this is an observation of interest enough to warrant a
> piece in one of the journals?
> Your advice would be welcomed.
> Regards,
> Steve
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