[Syrphidae] Xanthandrus comtus

Steven Crellin smcrellin@hotmail.com
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 19:46:33 +0000

Hello to the group,

I am sending this message on behalf of Fred Bennett. Fred has been rearing 
moths and parasites from Ivy (Hedera) for a few years now. This winter he 
has found the larvae of X. comtus, (id'ed from Dip. Digest No.9),predating 
the larvae of Lozotaenia forsterana (F.) and an as yet un-identified moth 

We are wondering is this is an observation of interest enough to warrant a 
piece in one of the journals?

Your advice would be welcomed.



Steve Crellin
Tel. (01624)813399

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