[Syrphidae] On <Episyrphus balteatus> De Geer in Malaysia :

Chris Raper chris.raper@hartslock.org.uk
Tue, 03 Jul 2001 23:25:00 +0100


I'm afraid I wasn't aware that I had sparked such controversy with my
little query about balteatus.=20

On 3 Jul 2001 06:29:45 MDT, you wrote:
>Let me say that I have worked out <Episyrphus> species from India and =
>Orient very carefully and with a lot of material.  Chris Thompson (my
>Smithsonian Advisor in 1982-83) knows this.  One thing is very certain =
>what Chris Raper has from Malaysia (in alcohol--yuck !!) is most =
certainly NOT
><balteatus>. =20

OK. While on the subject, I was going to trawl through the "yuck"
alcohol and see if I could find the specimen in question to send you
as you suggested you might like to see it. Does this mean you are no
longer interested? =20

I am not particularly interested in Syrphidae (I have been given this
sample as I am interested in Tachinidae & Pompilidae), but I would
send any specimens to interested parties.

>What are the <Episyrphus> in your bottle from Malaysia Chris Raper ?????=
>Hmmmm ?????

I'm sorry, have I in some way upset you? If so I can assure you this
was not my intention - I just asked a simple question - I have
absolutely no idea whether this specimen is balteatus or not - hence
my question to the group. I might add I have been very grateful for
the responses I have received so far from yourself, Matthew and Chris.

Chris R.