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Great WWW page. I love the Brachyopa bicolor in flight picture.=20

However, on your links page I would appreciate if you would provide a link =
to our Diptera WWW site (www.diptera.org).

Under flies, flies, flies you will find a write-up on Syrphidae as a whole =
as well as write-ups on various genera and species. Look for example, =
under project, at the flower flies of Costa Rica. Unfortunately, we =
(Manuel Zumbado and myself) spent more time on traditional publications so =
we are behind.  Only the treatment for Ornidia is complete,

Under names you will find the BioSystematic Database of World Diptera =
which will provide data on syrphid names.=20

And under who's who, you will find a directory to world workers, including =
those interested in syrphids.=20

Obviously, none of these are complete, finalized, etc., but are developing =
projects. For example, the BioSystematic Database of World Diptera we now =
have some 150,000 names, unfortunately that represents only about 2/3 of =
them! (The syrphids are, however, rather complete.)
And on a final note, I will be coming to Germany next summer for your =
workshop. I will be happy to up-date the group on the BioSystematic =
Database of World Diptera and other projects, such as flower flies of =
Costa Rica, etc.=20


F. Christian Thompson
Systematic Entomology Lab., ARS, USDA
Smithsonian Institution
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visit our Diptera site at www.diptera.org

>>> Frank Dziock <dziock@pro.ufz.de> 09/19 10:18 AM >>>

Dear Syrphid friends,

I have built up a new homepage in which I have implemented a few syrphid
links which might be of interest to You.


Best wishes from the middle of Germany,

Frank Dziock

Frank Dziock
Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig-Halle GmbH
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