[Maths-Education] Re: Good home sought for MA and ATM Journals

Lesley Jones lesley at lesdeux.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jun 13 14:47:07 BST 2012

Hi all,
Just for information:
>From the MA Mathematics in School is on line but through JSTOR.  I imagine 
all universities have membership with JSTOR so can easily access them. 
However, and importantly, Personal MA members can also access them if they 
pay an additional £10 on their annual subscription.  This would be the same 
for a student too. So please refer your MasT students to MiS and to the MA 
Primary maths journal!
Lesley Jones

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In spite of Peter's request I want to make one response to everybody.

ATM has a good website. I am disappointed, on ATM behalf, that ATM 
institutional membership is so cheap.  On the other hand when tutoring  OU 
students I am delighted that they have access, via the OU and its 
institutional membership, to many years of Mathematics Teaching and also the 
current issue.
MA does not have the same facility and this is a pity as we cannot refer OU 
MAST students to any of their past journals.  So those of you in 
institutions - go for the MA stuff and encourage your Institution to become 
an institutional member of ATM - and then get your students to write for 
Mathematics Teaching.

Geoff Faux
Cardew Farm
01228 710 661

On 12 Jun 2012, at 15:04, Tim Rowland wrote:

> With the prospect of an significant reduction in my shelf space later this 
> year, I reluctantly offer the following near-intact runs of MA and ATM 
> journals.
> They are free to anyone able to collect them from Cambridge before 
> September: a donation to a charity of your choice would be appreciated.
>   Mathematics Teaching: 1969-2011
>   Mathematics in School: 1979-2011
>   Micromath: 1985-2005
>   Mathematical Gazette: 1985-2011
>   Equals: 1998-2011
> I would much prefer to give whole runs (e.g. all the MT issues) to one 
> person or institution.
> Best wishes,
> Tim Rowland
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> Dr Tim Rowland
> Faculty of Education
> University of Cambridge
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