[Maths-Education] ICME GeoGebra Pre-Conference

Balazs Koren balazs.koren at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 23:10:25 BST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

This year I am visiting ICME in Korea. Just 1 day earlier there will
be a GeoGebra ICME Pre-conference. On Sunday, 8 July in the same
building (COEX). It would be great if you could join us in Seoul,
especially if you are planning to attend ICME too. Further details of
the conference can be found on this site:

I hope to meet some of the great minds from the list in person.

Kind regards,
Balazs Koren

PS.: Some more GeoGebra conferences in the future:

- IGI Conference, Warsaw, Poland on 21-23 September. ,
- 3rd North-America GeoGebra Conference 2012, in Mexico on 25-28 July
2012. , http://geogebra.acatlan.unam.mx/
- Latin-American GeoGebra Conference 2012, in Medellin, Columbia on
2-4 Aug 2012. , http://geogebra.itm.edu.co/index2.html
- Latin-American GeoGebra Conference Uruguay 2012 in Montevideo on
8-10 Nov 2012. , http://geogebra.itm.edu.co/index2.html

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