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Viviane DURAND-GUERRIER vdurand at math.univ-montp2.fr
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Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to send you the call for papers and posters for the  
CERME8-WG1 "Argumentation and proof".

For more information on the congress, you are invited to visit the  
CERME8 website


Best regards

Viviane Durand-Guerrier
Chair of the CERME8-WG1


CERME 8: Working Group 1
Argumentation and proof

Viviane Durand-Guerrier (France) vdurand at math.univ-montp2.fr
Samuele Antonini (Italy) – Kirsten Pfeiffer (Ireland) – Gabriel  
Stylianides (United Kingdom)
Scope and Focus of WG1
Papers presented in the last ERME Conferences illustrate the great  
variety of approaches to research in this field, offering a wide  
spectrum of perspectives, intertwining educational issues with  
explicit references to mathematical, logical, historical,  
philosophical, epistemological, psychological, curricular,  
anthropological or sociological issues. The richness of diversity gave  
the participants the opportunity of a fruitful discussion, stimulating  
not only the interest of comparison but also the curiosity of  
undertaking a possible integration and the need of enhancing the  
development of international collaborations.
Call for papers and poster proposals
The organisers for Working Group 1 invite research-based papers on  
argumentation and proof, teaching and learning issues, classroom  
situations, clinical studies, dissemination and vulgarisation. We will  
be particularly interested in theoretical, empirical or developmental  
papers that address one or more of the following themes (though any  
papers of relevance to the overall focus of the group will also be  
1.        The importance of experience, explanation, justification,  
argumentation and proof and their relationships in mathematics and in  
mathematics education.
2.        The role of logic and language in teaching, learning and  
analysing proof and proving process.
3.        The designing activity fostering argumentation and proof  
skills along the curriculum from kinder garden to university, and in  
teacher training.
4.        The use, evolution, elaboration or integration of  
theoretical frames relevant for research argumentation and proof in an  
educational perspective.
These issues will be considered from the following points of view:
(a) Historical, philosophical, and epistemological, related to the  
nature of argumentation and proof, their functions in mathematics in  
an historical perspective, including contemporaneous mathematics;
(b) Cognitive, concerning the processes related to argumentation and  
proof: cognitive process involved in production of conjectures,  
interpretation, evaluation and construction of proofs, elaboration of  
axiomatic; the effect on teaching and learning proof on students'  
performance in mathematics etc.;
(c) Social-cultural aspects for student construction of proofs;
(d) Educational, based on the analysis of students' thinking in  
approaching proof and proving, and implications for the design of  
Papers and poster proposals should use the CERME word template, and  
conform to the guidelines at http://www.cerme8.metu.edu.tr. To submit  
it, you must email your paper as a WORD document to Viviane  
Durand-Guerrier at vdurand at math.univ-montp2.fr, AND at the same time  
to the conference secretariat at accerme8 at metu.edu.tr. If possible  
please also send a pdf version in addition to the WORD document.
Reviews and Decisions
Each paper will be peer-reviewed by three persons from among those who  
submit papers to this Working Group. Please expect to be asked to  
review up to three papers yourself between 15th September and 22nd  
October 2012.  It may be necessary for you to revise your paper before  
final acceptance. Please reserve some time to do this in the second  
half of November. The group leaders will decide about the acceptance  
of posters.
Important dates
15th September 2012:        Deadline for submission of papers.
1st October 2012:        Deadline for submission of poster proposals
22nd October 2012:        Deadline for reviewers to submit their reviews.
1st December 2012:        Deadline for revisions to papers.

Université Montpellier 2
Département de mathématiques
Bureau 324
Tel bureau : 04 67 14 35 81
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