[Maths-Education] Re: patterns using a continuous variable?

Walter Whiteley whiteley at mathstat.yorku.ca
Thu Jul 7 23:31:01 BST 2011

	Does my work on working on geometric patterns for  rate of change and  
optimization through the PopCorn Box (paper to appear the Mathematics  
Teacher) fit this genre?
	I have worked with that material with groups ranging from Grade 9  
students through university students to teachers and mathematics  
educators.  I recently developed a larger sequence (extending the  
conceptual blending) which I will be piloting in a professional  
development workshop at the end of August (and hope to collect more  
data on).

Walter Whiteley

On 7-Jul-11, at 4:42 PM, Kate Mackrell wrote:

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> There seems to be lots and lots of research concerning pattern tasks  
> using tiles or similar, where the total number of tiles of various  
> types has a relationship to the number in the sequence.
> Does anyone know of any research using similar patterns, but with a  
> continuous variable, where, say, the area of the configuration is  
> related to a particular length in the configuration?
> Thanks
> Kate
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