[Maths-Education] Invitation to contribute to Philosophy of Maths Education Journal on Maths and Art

Alan Rogerson alan at rogerson.pol.pl
Sun Oct 26 07:14:05 GMT 2008

Dear Paul,
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of 
in your philosophy....!" Art, as you say,  being one of them. We too are 
very enthusiastic about exploring the connections between Art and Maths 
and even using Art as a tool to teach maths, as in several of the Maths 
in Society booklets, and also in the DQME I and II EU Comenius project 
materials for which Margaret and I are Polish partners. We invite 
members to email me at alan at rogerson.pol.pl if you would like further 
details and references.
But I really wanted to mention that at our Dresden Conference next year 
there will be a full exhibition of Art works (by a Swiss artist) on show 
for the week organised by our friend and colleague Peter Baptist, this 
follows on from his group's successful production and publishing of a 
wonderful maths/art calendar this year as part of the Year of Maths in 
Germany. Again please email me if you would like further details, 
especially of the Second Announcement for our Dresden Conference Sep 
11-17, 2009 (there, got the plug in at last!!)
There is also BTW a splendid permanent hands-on Maths Museum - the best 
I have ever seen - in Dresden which we visited recently, it is full of 
manipulatives, and great fun and challenging too, many of them have an 
explicit or implicit connection to Art.
Best wishes and thanks for your initiative with Art and Philosophy, we 
look forward to reading that issue,
Alan Rogerson

Ernest, Paul wrote:
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> Invitation to contribute to forthcoming special issue on Mathematics and Art
> As you know, no. 23 of this journal was recently published on line at http://people.exeter.ac.uk/PErnest/
> The next issue of the Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal - No. 24 in 2009 will have as its theme 'Mathematics and Art'. The aim is to explore all sorts of thoughts, reflections or even theories about mathematics and art in its many cultural and historical forms. I hope to invite mathematicians, artists, mathematics educators and teachers to contribute their reflections. That includes you!
> This was in part a response to seeing some of the mathematically inspired artworks at a current show at the Portland Gallery which includes a couple of pieces of my father’s work. See http://www.portlandgallery.com/pages/exhibitions/151/works.html
> Work 38 shown (by Peter Lowe) can be interpreted as posing a mathematical question: For what values of n does Triangular(n) = Square(n) ? (I’d love for this to show how smart I am but it was the artist who pointed it out to me, albeit in a different language!)
> I was also inspired by talking to Frode Rønning in Norway about the history of the claim that all 17 ‘wallpaper’ group patterns can be found in the Alhambra tile patterns. Hopefully he will write this up!
> I would like to invite you to contribute if this is a topic of interest to you, and also to pass the invite on to any colleagues or students that might have something to say. As well as reflective pieces considering the relations between the two disciplines (philosophical/theoretical), I am interested in historical issues; maths related to tribal or so-called 'primitive' art; art in/and ethnomathematics; and descriptions of single works, artists or even art movements looking at mathematical aspects - providing case studies, like 'materia medica', that help us reflect on the relationships involved! And while I primarily have the visual or plastic arts like painting in mind I see no reason the exclude music, dance, etc., if you have some interesting observations. Or even creativity and mathematics in general!
> Is this philosophy? Well, no not really, but reflections on the relationships between disciplines is in a loose sense epistemological, and enlightening for students of mathematics in human culture – as I hope we all are!
> Do think about contributing, and please pass this invitation on. Feel free to bounce any half-baked ideas off me!
> Best wishes
> Paul
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> for Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal - No. 23 is out now!
> No. 24 in 2009 will have theme 'Mathematics and Art' -- please consider contributing!
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