[Maths-Education] Maths-Art Seminars at London Knowledge Lab: Aspects of the Penrose tiling, 8 May 2007 [REMINDER]

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*An LKL Maths-Art seminar by
Edmund Harriss
Mathematics Department, Imperial College London

Tuesday 8 May, 6.00 – 7.30pm

*From the pictures of Escher to the geometric patterns of Islamic art,
repeating patterns and tiling have been used to generate many beautiful
images. They have also been considered as part of mathematics for a long
time, back at least to the ancient Greeks. More recently the study of
tilings has been instrumental in understanding symmetry, which has led to
the development of group theory and key results in understanding the
structure of crystals. All these results, however, have only considered
periodic patterns. Since the 1960s a new area has emerged; the study of
tilings and patterns that are ordered but not periodic. This is the area of
aperiodic tilings.

The Penrose tiling was discovered in the 1970s and is one of the simplest
known sets of aperiodic tiles. It is also very beautiful as it has a
five-fold rotational symmetry.

In this talk I will discuss the Penrose tiling and the links between two
methods of constructing it. The method used by Penrose and the projection
method discovered by De Bruijn.

*Edmund is an EPSRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Imperial College, and
also is active as an artist, creating works based on ideas of mathematical
tiling. See his website*:

TIME: 6 - 7.30pm, Tuesday 8 May 2007
PLACE: London Knowledge Lab, 23-29 Emerald St, London, WC1N 3QS
[Travel information / Maps at:

All welcome. No reservation required, but an email to
lkl.maths.art at gmail.com would be appreciated for planning purposes

*NEXT SEMINAR: Tuesday 12 June, 6pm, Tony Wills & John Sharp, "D Forms"*
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