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The remark from Tom Roper (see below) regarding the savaging of 
teachers recorded on videotape by other teachers and/or educators has 
also been a part of my past experience using video made at the Open 
University, whether for INSET or research purposes.

In my experience, the most fruitful uses of classroom video recording 
were  when the teacher in the video was either a member of the group 
watching it, or known by the group.  Then, either overtly or 
implicitly, there was respect for that teacher and a quality of 
discussion which transcended the need to carp and negatively 
criticise.  This does not mean that discussion was bland and 
uncritical.  It included the teacher in a critical discussion of 
issues, rather than criticising in a way that seems to attack the 
teacher personally.

When we debrief lessons with student-teachers we discuss with them 
the issues arising from their lessons in a spirit of working jointly 
on their developing teaching.
And when we grade them, it is based on ongoing experience of 
observation, discussion and reflection with the teacher, not just the 
viewing of one lesson.

Is it possible to distance the issues of preparing to be a teacher 
and the assessment involved from Clare as a particular 

I wonder if Clare is following this discussion, and what she would 
want to contribute to it??

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>I have used Clare, and other videos, for mentor training both general and
>subject specific. In all cases, there is a tendency for a large proportion
>of the audience to be overly critical of what they see, indeed almost
>savage in some respects. Other colleagues report this as well.
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