[Maths-Education] Clare

Jim D.N. SMITH(EDS) D.N.Smith@shu.ac.uk
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 13:14:08 +0000

We should try to be aware that Clare is a real person, as well as a
figment of the TTA's imagination, and be appreciative of the contribution
that she has tried to make.

Were it not for that, I would suggest that we grade her video lessons. The
TTA seem incapable of commiting themselves on the point.

However, I do feel that Clare is being held up as some kind of good
example: particularly in the paperwork of lesson planning and evaluation.
I do not believe that a student teacher could or should plan and evaluate
each and every lesson in the way exemplified. Particularly as there is no
apparent thought for the students' own professional learning aims /


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