[Syrphidae] References needed

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Dear Ximo

I'm not aware of any direct publication on hoverfly predation by other 
invertebrates. There might be occasional notes in the entomological 
press in GB - Ent Rec, Ent Gaz or EMM - I am some way though 
extracting/cataloguing those papers but don't recall any offhand. There 
will be a tiny amount of data in the HRS dataset with references 
particularly to spiders and perhaps a few to Ectemnius wasps stocking 
their brood chambers. It is a data extraction job that needs doing - 
maybe I will have a go sometime but as it stands it is on the 'to do' list!

In terms of vertebrates, there also seem to be very few records - 
occasionally we see photos of birds with a hoverfly prey, but again, 
nothing substantial that I know of.

Not sure this helps much in your timeframes!

Best wishes


On 08/04/2024 09:44, Francis Gilbert wrote:
> Do you mean adults or larvae ?
> If it is adults, you could cite my mimicry review of 2005
> Francis
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> Dear all,
> I am wondering if you know of any study (publication) that discusses 
> or shows how important prey are syrphids as a group. In other words, I 
> am looking for publications that I can refer to that show that 
> syrphids are common prey of predaceous arthropods.
> Thanks in advance!
> Ximo
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