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Hi all,
does anyone have a pdf of the below papers or excerpts of books?
best regards,

Mutin, V.A. 1993. New and little known species of flower flies (Diptera,
Syrphidae) from Soviet Far East and Siberia. Pp. 109-115. In Lelei, A.S.
[Ed.]. News of insect systematics of the Soviet Far East. Akademiya Nauk
SSSR, Dalnevostochnoe Otdelenie, Vladivostok. 1990, 136 pp. [1993.??.??]
Matsumura, S. & Adachi, J. 1919. Synopsis of the economic Syrphidae of
Japan. Pt. III. [sic][=IV]. Ent. Mag. Kyoto 3: 128-144, pl. 3.
Violovitsh, N.A. 1957. New palaearctic Syrphidae (Diptera) from the Far
Eastern Territory of the USSR. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 36: 748-755.
Stackelberg, A.A. 1955. Palearkticheskie vidy roda Neoascia Will. (Diptera,
Syrphidae). Trudy zool. Inst., Leningrad. 21: 342-352.
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