[Syrphidae] Cheilosia nebulosa in the Netherlands

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Sun Apr 23 11:41:02 BST 2023

Dear Syrphidologists,

Last week Cheilosia nebulosa was discovered in the Netherlands. First a
single female was photographed [link
<https://waarneming.nl/waarneming/view/267717541>], several days later I
was able to catch and observe many specimens at the site [link
<https://waarneming.nl/waarneming/view/268254806>]. As it's a new hoverfly
species for the fauna of the Netherlands I'm writing a paper on the find.
Concerning its distribution in West Germany there is little to no data
available. The papers by Hondelmann 2001 & Stuke et.al. 2000 will be very
The European checklist mentions the occurrence in Austria and Denmark is
doubtful, Heimburg et.al. 2022 and Bygebjerg 2007 report it for those
countries respectively. I would very much like to read these papers and
would be most grateful if someone could send me a .pdf copy (see below for
full citations).

Also, if anyone has personal observations on the occurrence (especially in
Germany) or biology of the species or literature suggestions feel free to
let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Elias de Bree

- Hondelmann, P. 2001. Schwebfliegen. Natur und Landschaft in Landkreis
Hildesheim 2: 92-95.

- Stuke J.-H., Wolff, D., Hondelmann, P., Malec, F. 2000. Bemerkenswerte
Schwebfliegenbeobachtungen (Diptera, Syrphidae) aus Niedersachsen un Bremen
3. Braunschweiger naturkundliche Schriften 6: 193-147.

- Heimburg, H., Doczkal, D., Holzinger, W.E. 2022. A checklist of the
(Diptera, Syrphidae) of Austria. Zootaxa 5115 (2).

- Bygebjerg, R. 2007. Svirrefluerne Cheilosia nebulosa (Verrall, 1871) og
Heringia brevidens (Egger,1865) - nye for Danmark (Diptera: Syrphidae). –
Entomologiske Meddelelser 75: 71-76.
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