[Syrphidae] Help needed in the 2023 field season

Sander Bot botsander at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 06:57:34 BST 2023

Dear all,

By now you might all have heard of the EU-funded project Taxo-Fly in which
every European hover fly species will be described and photographed, to be
published on a web platform.
For more information on the project, see https://luomus.fi/en/taxo-fly.
Currently we are photographing as many species as possible. We however are
still missing some species, or we have species of which we only have poorly
pinned material.

Find attached an Excel file covering the missing species. We have two
categories, one for the missing species and one for the species we only
have poorly pinned material.

Could you have a look at the list and see which species on the list you
might have, or know where we could get it? Or even better, make plans for
this collecting season to get species on the list! I admit, most species
are not exactly easy to get, but I see a challenge here. If you do so, make
sure to not put them in alcohol, but pin them well instead.

Any help would be much appreciated and if you have any questions, ideas or
comments, let me know. Sure, we will email you again by the end of the
season with a shorter shortlist.

Happy Easter and happy collecting in 2023,

On behalf of the photo team, Sander Bot
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