[Syrphidae] relaxing flies

Gabriel Neve gabriel.neve at imbe.fr
Thu Sep 29 07:25:49 BST 2022

Hi Sander,

For relaxing flies, I use a similar set-up as the figure 1 of Plant's 
paper, but with cold water.
In order to avoid mould (especially in summer in Provence), I may add 
some thymol.

As the emalene plates float on water, a small piece of emalene floating 
loose on 1 cm of water in a jar tightly closed should do the job.
Jars commonly used for jam do the job.
Depending on the size of the specimen and temperature, relaxing takes 
from 24 to 48 hours.
Specimens of course never return to the fully relax state of fresh 

Good luck,


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