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Dear All

I hope you all have had a good trip back from the Symposium, or that you would loved to have participated but could not make it out to Barcelonnette.

From the participants I have had comments on my presentation of the Syrphidae Foundation and the Journaal van Syrphidae which is encouraging to go further with my idea to get Syrphidae papers published in JvS.

In order to be able to run the Syrphidae in trees website and be able to publish JvS freely, some income is needed. For this an annual membership price of €10,00 (10 euro) was agreed upon by the editors of JvS.
Please klick the "Toevoegen aan winkelwagen" button on https://www.syrphidaeintrees.com/jvs/ and transfer €10 from your banking account to the Syrphidae Foundation. By filling in the form you ensure I get all your details for registring you as a member and keeping you updated on the latest issues of JvS and more.

Additional donations are also welcome, but for this you need to hit the "donatie for JvS" (https://www.syrphidaeintrees.com/jvs/) or "donate for the Syrphidae Foundation" (https://www.syrphidaeintrees.com/syrphidae-foundation/) and choose the amount you want to donate.

Membership includes free online publishing in JvS and direct updates on the published issues. The possibility of cost reduction for ordering T-shirts or access to an updated list of species to be described are being investigated.

During the lecture day I had a special t-shirt and I wonder if people are interested in getting one as well. The logo on the front is the small one in the right corner of the figure included, the picture on the back is the large one from the Syrphidae Foundation, the colour will be more brightly green.
Please add your approximate size and I will make a batch print to reduce costs. The cotton is organic (biologically produced) and so costs are rather high with about €35 euro per t-shirt. Shipment costs will be added. Size tables are enclosed as PDF, the shirts fall a little small, so measure your chest circumference and take half of it, in my case 98/2 = 49 = size M, but I have size L not M.


The order buttons for the T-shirts are still under construction, so please respond to this e-mail if you are interested in getting a T-shirt.

Best wishes,

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