[Syrphidae] Passing of Aat Barendregt

Bastiaan Wakkie bwakkie at syrphidae.com
Sun Sep 4 20:04:22 BST 2022

Dear all,

It is with great sadness that I share the passing of Aat Barendregt. 
This evening I talked to his son who found my messages on Aat's phone as 
we discussed our road trip to the International Syrphidae Symposium in 
France. Aat was ready, and excited, to give his presentation about the 
decline of Syrphidae in the Netherlands.

I didn't know Aat well enough and hoped to know him better during our 
trip. He was a kindhearted, friendly soul.

After Volkert van der Goot, Aat was the driving force of the Syrphid 
studie within the Netherlands.

With regards,

Bastiaan Wakkie
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