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Subject: Upcoming Syrphidae Symposium Myathropa indentification

Dear All

As several people of you already know, Kevin and I are working on a revision of the genus Myathropa and based on DNA it seems there are 3 to 5 Palaearctic species and further a species complex of about 3 additional species.
Morphologically the European species can be divided into 7 morphospecies; 2 widespread, one in the former Soviet "Stans", and the others restricted to either the SE of Italy, the Iberian Peninsula and the Atlantic Islands.

I will bring samples of each of these with me to the ISS 11 in Barcelonnette and anyone interested in having his/her specimens identified please bring them to the symposium and I will give it a try.

Other genera of interest are Mediterranean and non European Brachypalpus, Melangyna ericarum, and any species from Iceland.

Best wishes,

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