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Dear colleagues,

Based on suggestions from Francis, and taking into account comments from 
Sander regarding the common names for genera that will be in use for the 
English version of the Dutch field guide (and Wouter's comment that 
considering the low number of species in Primocerioides, and the 
possible redefinition of genera within Cerioidini / Cerioidina  it would 
be a good option to also use Wasp Fly for Primocerioides), I'm sending 
here the list of suggested common names for the six species of interest:

Sphiximorpha petronillae: Petronilla's Wasp Fly

Primocerioides regale:  Royal Wasp Fly

Chalcosyrphus pannonicus: Pannonian Leafwalker

Chalcosyrphus jacobsoni: Jacobson's Leafwalker

Chalcosyrphus nigripes: Black-legged Leafwalker

Brachypalpus chrysites: Golden Forest Fly

I will leave up to you to decide how Doug's comment regarding 
Primocerioides  regale/regalis should be implemented.

Thank you all for your help and contribution!

Best wishes,

On 9/28/2022 10:36 AM, Francis Gilbert wrote:
> How about the following:
> Sphiximorpha petronillae: Petronilla's wasp hoverfly
> Primocerioides regale:  Regal/Royal wasp hoverfly
> Chalcosyrphus pannonicus:  Pannonian forest hoverfly
> Chalcosyrphus jacobsoni: Jacobson's forest hoverfly
> Chalcosyrphus nigripes: Black-legged forest hoverfly
> Brachypalpus chrysites: Golden deadwood hoverfly
> Francis
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> Dear colleagues,
> There is one current EU project named Action Plans for conservation of 
> threatened pollinator species in the EU, aiming to develop 3 action 
> plans for different groups of threatened pollinators. One of these 
> groups are saproxylic hoverlfies, more precisely Sphiximorpha 
> petronillae, Chalcosyrphus pannonicus, Primocerioides regale, 
> Brachypalpus chrysites, Chalcosyrphus jacobsoni and Chalcosyrphus 
> nigripes.
> In the process of developing a Status Review, encompassing all 
> relevant information on these species, one of the requirements is to 
> have common names for these species. We said that for many hoverflies 
> we do not have common names in English, but they instructed us that in 
> case we do not have, we should create them.
> So, this is an open call for all of you to give your suggestions on 
> common names in English for the six listed species. I am afraid that 
> the deadline for this is short, as it is short for finalizing the 
> entire Status Review, so I would kindly ask you to send your 
> suggestions by Friday.
> Thank you in advance for your help and engagement.
> Best wishes from Novi Sad,
> Marija Miličić
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