[Syrphidae] Pelecocera from France

Gabriel Neve gabriel.neve at imbe.fr
Wed May 25 19:23:59 BST 2022

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the publication of our paper 
on the Pelecocera of the French fauna :

Lair X., Ropars L., Skevington J.H., Kelso S., Geslin G., Minssieux E., 
Nève G. 2022.
Revision of Pelecocera Meigen, 1822 (Diptera: Syrphidae) from France: 
Taxonomy, Ecology and Distribution (Diptera: Syrphidae).
Zootaxa 5141 (1): 001–024.
freely available from  :

The supplementary material is on

The French list of Pelecocera is now as follows :
Pelecocera caledonica (Collin, 1940)
Pelecocera garrigae Lair & Nève, 2022
Pelecocera lugubris Perris, 1839
Pelecocera pruinosomaculata Strobl, 1906
Pelecocera scaevoides (Fallén, 1817)
Pelecocera tricincta Meigen, 1822

We eventually located the type series of Pelecocera lugubris  Perris, 
1839 in the CBGP, Montpellier, while most specialists thought that 
either they were in the Paris Museum or they were lost.

With best wishes,


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