[Syrphidae] Orthnonevra/Chrysogster specimens and allied genera

Kurt Jordaens kurt.jordaens at africamuseum.be
Sun Jul 31 14:17:04 BST 2022

Hi all,

Terence Bellingan of the Albany Museum, Makhanda, South Africa (in cc) is currently revising the Afrotropical Orthonevra + Chrysogaster. For this, Terence would like to compare the Afrotropical representatives of both groups with non-Afrotropical species of both genera, and of allied genera, more specifically species of the genera Chrysogaster, Orthonevra (of both the nobilis and elegans group sensu Maibach), Lejogaster, Melanogaster and Riponnensia. If you have representatives of these genera, Terence would very much appreciate to have some of these on loan for his study. Terence will be at ISS10 in France and will present his first results of his revision. In case you are able to bring material for Terence's revision to France, that would be fantastic and you may prepare a loan form using the following details: Terence Bellingan, Curator of Entomology, Albany Museum, Somerset Street 40, Makhanda 6139, South Africa. Thank you very much in advance!

On another matter, and even on another group... we are also supporting a South African postdoc (Genevieve Theron) who is currently doing a postdoc at the KwaZulu-Natal Museum with John Midgley. Genevieve is working on the taxonomy and phylogeny of Nemestrinidae with a focus on Afrotropical species and genera, but would also like to provide a world phylogeny. Hence, if you have access to fresh (preferentially ethanol) material of this family, Genevieve would appreciate very much to have this material for study. Perhaps, when during your fieldwork you would encounter a nemestrinid, perhaps you could preserve the specimen in ethanol and send it to me? The NGS will be performed at our museum but all specimens will either be returned or stored at the entomological collections at KZNM. Again, thank you very much for this!

All the best and see you in France!

Kurt Jordaens
Department of Biology - Invertebrates
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