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Hi Jeroen,

That's a great initiative! A new journal would be fantastic of course,
as I too thought it was missing and have been looking into how that
could work technically/administrativly.
As always, and mentioned a couple of times, syrphidae.com can be used
to host such initiatives too.


On Wed, 2022-01-26 at 16:40 +0000, Francis Gilbert wrote:
> Dear all
> Due to Covid-19 my plans have been postponed a bit and could not be
> announced during the scheduled 11th International Symposium on
> Syrphidae so through this channel I inform you all of a new
> foundation entirely dedicated to Syrphidae.
> I would like all of you to let me know what you think of my concept,
> and any comments are welcome.
> The starting capital for the foundation is brought together by a
> donation through Ximo Mengual of the Zoological Research Museum
> Alexander Koenig, Bonn and donations by myself.
> Apart from the foundation aiming at furthering the study on Syrphidae
> in a wide sense the idea is that it would host a new journal
> specially dedicated to Syrphidae, with the suggested name Journal of
> International Syrphidology. This is to be regarded as the successor
> of the Syrphidae journal "Volucella" which was published in the years
> 1995-2007.
> For this journal I seek co-editors and also reviewers, remarks on how
> to produce this journal are also welcome.
> Please have a look at my site: Syrphidae in trees for further
> information:
> https://www.syrphidaeintrees.com/
> Best wishes,
> Jeroen
> Prof Francis Gilbert
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