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Hi all,

I'm looking for:

Stackelberg, A.A., “Family Syrphidae,” in A Key to Insects of the European
Part of the USSR, Ed. by G.Ya. Bei-Bienko (Nauka, Leningrad, 1970), Vol. 5,
No. 2, pp. 11–96 [in Russian]. (So not the English translation from 1988)

Radde GI (1899) Fam. Syrphidae. In: Radde GI (Ed) Museum Caucasicum.
Collektsii Kavkazskogo Museya [Die Sammlungen des Kaukasischen Museums],
Vol. 1. Zoology. Tiflis, 453.

Tóth S (1986) Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Schwebfliegen-Fauna des
Südwest-Kaukasus (Diptera:
Syrphidae). Folia Musei Historico-Naturalis Bakonyiensis 5: 85–98.

Any help would be much appreciated and I already wish everybody a happy

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