[Syrphidae] [PDF Request] Takeuchi (2009) 写真集 ハナアブ300

Kevin Moran syrphidae at kevinmoran.com
Sat May 8 19:52:17 BST 2021

Hello all,

I'm seeking a PDF copy of a Japanese publication.

It is a photobook of over 300 Japanese species of hoverfly.

In Japanese the reference is

竹内 正人 (2009) 写真集 ハナアブ300 双翅目談話会研究資
料 (3). 双翅目談話会, 自費出版

Roughly translated this is

Masato Takeuchi (2009)  A note on Studying Hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae)
of Japan. vol.1 Photo album of 300 Hoverflies

Best regards,
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