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Dear friends, 
here is pdf of Krivoscheina & Kuznetzov, 2001. 
Best wishes,

>Среда, 1 ноября 2021, 4:03 +10:00 от Grigory Popov < grigory.v.popov at gmail.com >:
>Dear all,
>Does anyone have this rare pdf?
>Krivoscheina, N.P. & Kuznetzov, S.Y. 2001. A new Callicera Panzer
>species (Diptera, Syrphidae) from Tajikistan. International Journal of
>Dipterological Research, 12, 249–252.
>Thanks in advance!
>Grigory V. Popov, Dr, PhD
>senior researcher
>Section of Entomology and Collection Management
>I.I.Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology
>National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
>Bohdan Khmelnytsky st. 15, 01601 Kyiv
>mobile  +380-50-5638552
>e-mail  grigory.v.popov at gmail.com
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