[Syrphidae] Microdon myrmicae and M. mutabilis

ximo mengual sanchis xmengual at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 14:52:06 BST 2021

Dear all,

I hope this email finds you doing well.

I want to ask for some material of Microdon to sequence. Together with
other colleagues, we want to know if the mitochondrial genomes of M.
myrmicae and M. mutabilis show differences at the sequence level, or not.

With the pandemic I do not know if you had a chance to collect or reared
any specimen. Do you have at hand some specimens from 2018-2021 (either
reared adults or pupae) that I could sequence? I ask only for reared adults
or pupae because we need to know the ID without doubts.

Thanks again for your great help.

All the best,


Dr. Ximo Mengual
Head of the Diptera Section
Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig
Leibniz-Institut zur Analyse des Biodiversitätswandels
Adenauerallee 160
D-53113  Bonn, Germany
Phone: 0049 (0)228 9122 292
ZFMK web <https://www.zfmk.de/en/zfmk/ximo-mengual>
https://www.bolgermany.de/ | http://syrphidae.myspecies.info/
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