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Gabriel Neve gabriel.neve at imbe.fr
Sun May 17 16:32:17 BST 2020

     does anyone have a pdf of "Walker 1859, Proc. Linnean Soc. London, 
vol. 3"?
     (I'm looking for a description of Eristalinus sauvissimus, it should 
be on
     page 95).

Dear Jirka,

It took me a while, but I found out.

The species is named Eristalinus suavissimus (not sauvissimus)
and the journal is _Journal_ _of_ _the_ Proceedings of the Linnean 
Society of London.

So the correct reference of the paper is :
Walker, Francis, 1859. Catalogue of the Dipterous Insects collected in 
the Aru Islands by
Mr. A.R. Wallace, with description of new species.
Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London III, 77-182

I include the title pages, and the pages on Syrphidae, the rest is 
available from biodiversity heritage library

The pdf may be downloaded from WETRANSFER at :

Incidently, it was published in the same volume as the famous paper by 
Darwin and Wallace.

Best wishes,

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