[Syrphidae] two russian paper

Leendert-Jan van der Ent ljvanderent at planet.nl
Tue Jun 30 21:53:06 BST 2020

Dear hoverly lovers,

Can anybody provide my the following two papers?

Stackelberg, А. А. 1958. List of Diptera of the Leningrad Region. IV.
Syrphidae. Proceedings of the Zoological Institute of the Russian
Academy of Sciences, 24: 192–246. [In Russian]

Zimina, L. V. 1986. Additional data on Syrphid fauna (Diptera, Syrphidae)
in Moscow region. Bulletin of Moscow Society of Naturalists.
Biological series, 91 (2): 55–58. [In Russian]

And who can provide me a digital copy of
Sack, P. 1931. Die Fliegen der Palearctischen region 31 (451p).

Tanks in advance!

With kindly regards
Leendert-Jan van der Ent

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