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Hi Ante,

I kind of experience the same here where I have spent almost 2 months now, in the SW of France.
Low numbers of most taxa, also of many Syrphini, except some.
Sphaerophoria scripta in very large numbers last week.
But, compared to last year 2019, my impression is that this year is much poorer, despite the mild winter they had here.

But 'a hunch' is no proof.

cheers, André

Ante Vujić schreef op 09-06-2020 09:59:
Dear all,

I would like to share with you field experience from this season in Serbia. We have less than 50% of species usual for this time of year in flight and most of present species are with very small populations. Aphidofagous species are most numerous, especially Syrphus. Very low number of Cheilosia and Merodon. This can be related to long period without rain during spring, but still. During my 40 years experience in field work, this is the strangest season.

Best regards,


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