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Dear Gerard

They must be Brachypalpus and closest is chrysites or zugmayeriae. The
metafemur is too slender for chrysites and the pile is too orange. I do not
know the other one.
I am sure it is not the female of the undescribed species from Serbia.
would be nice to get hold of males too.

There is a picture of the male of zugmayeriae in Mutin & Ichige 2018.

Best wishes,


Op do 30 jan. 2020 om 14:28 schreef Gerard Pennards <
gerard_pennards at hotmail.com>:

> Dear all,
> I have a identification query for you and I hope someone can help me.
> I have added two links, one from a biodiversity website in Georgia, and
> the other from a Russian Macro photos website.
> Both pictures come from the Northern Caucasus, one picture from Northern
> Georgia which is called Cheilosia illustrate but it's clearly not. See
> link:
> http://biodiversity-georgia.net/index.php?taxon=Cheilosia%20illustrata
> The other one is from a Russian photo website and was not identified. It
> is the same species as the Georgian one I think, but it's a strange
> species. See link:
> http://macroclub.ru/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/238361/cat/512
> My idea is that it should be the female of Brachypalpus chrysites, but it
> doesn't look like the normal yellow haired form. Also there seem to be some
> differences in pilosity, and other features.
> Has someone encountered these before? I have asked some people who had
> been in Georgia, but a species like this was not seen.
> Thanks in advance, greetings,
> Gerard
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