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Chrysotoxum volaticum is absent from Syrph the Net because it has not been formally (i.e., in a publication) recorded from Europe yet. Many years ago (maybe 10-11), Dieter Doczkal and Axel Ssymank started writting up a manuscript on volaticum/bicinctum in Europe. Marcos García and I joined this paper becacause we have quite a lot of Spanish C. volaticum material in our university collection. Unfortunately, the writing of that paper never ended up and I see now that someone (Jeroen) has taken up this responsibility, what is good for the clarification of the status of these two species! So, yes, C. volaticum is found in Europe, differs morphologically from C. bicinctum, but we do not know about genetic differences between these two taxa yet (unless Jeroen has analysed DNA in his paper ¿?).

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