[Syrphidae] Re: Chrysotoxum volaticum

André van Eck eckvana at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 25 13:51:22 GMT 2020

Hi Sander,  

I have a female specimen which I suppose it is _volaticum_, from
Portugal, collected in Portugal. However, since it does not appear in
any existing key after Séguys description, and because I have not seen
specimens to compare it with, I am keeping this ID as 'preliminary'.
Apparently it is not known from Europe yet, and therefor lacks in
European keys. Even Violovitch does not include it in his review of
Palaearctic _Chrysotoxum_.  

So I am curious just as you for any clarification on its current status!
Perhaps António Ricarte can help us out? 

cheers, André

Sander Bot schreef op 25-01-2020 11:05:

> Hi everybody,
> Does anybody have an idea of the status of Chrysotoxum volaticum Séguy, 1961?
> It is a valid species as far as I can see. Its original description is very brief, it looks very similar to Chrysotoxum bicinctum. 
> However, the species does not occur at all in Syrph the Net 2018. Does anybody know the reason for this? Because its status is dubious?
> Many thanks for any help,
> Sander Bot 
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