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Francis Gilbert Francis.Gilbert at nottingham.ac.uk
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hi everyone

With Martin Hauser's help, I have extracted all the syrphid papers from the volumes of Hana Abu, the journal of the Japanese Dipterists Club. You can download the zipfile from:

It is about 560 MB !

Nearly all of them are OCR'd and so should cut & paste directly into Google Translate. Mostly they use the Japanese common names for the species, which are hilarious in translation, so beware: Google Translate is nowhere near as good as for French, German or Russian, for instance. They use a lot of pictures, and there are some really beautiful species, including several unknown ones.

Most the information is taxonomic or faunistic, and so should be reasonably easy to make out. There are some really great papers there. The only one I have not extracted is the multipart Japanese translation of Mutin & Barkalov's key to Far Eastern species, which we already have in Russian - much easier to translate using Google!

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