[Syrphidae] Request for field pictures of hoverflies

Gerard Pennards gerard_pennards at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 18 23:02:13 GMT 2020

Dear all,
As many of you might know I'm one of the people working on the IUCN Red list of European Hoverflies.
One of the parts of the assessments is the addition of pictures for the species. All pictures are with full credentials for the photographer.
I managed to find pictures for a lot of species, but I'd be happy if someone could share with me the pictures of the following species (or tell me were I can find those on the net):
Blera eoa
Blera nitens
Chalcosyrphus eumerus
Chalcosyrphus jacobsoni
Chalsosyrphus nigripes
Chalcosyrphus nitidus
Chalsosyrphus (Spheginoides) obscurus
Chalcosyrphus rufipes
Chrysosyrphus nasutus
Chrysosyrphus nigra
Lejota korsakovi
Mallota eurasiatica
Mallota rossica
Pelecocera caledonica
Pelecocera nigricornis
Pseudopelecocera (Pelecocera) latifrons
Sericomyia arctica
Sericomyia jakutica
Sericomyia bequaerti
Sericomyia tolli
Spilomyia graciosa
Spilomyia triangulata
Syritta vittata
Xylota suecica
Xylota triangularis

Some of these will probably very hard to find, and eventually I might use pictures of pinned specimens. But it would be nice to have pictures of live animals! Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,

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