[Syrphidae] Paper about Syrphidae & Myiasis available

Santos ROJO santos.rojo at ua.es
Mon Feb 3 16:34:53 GMT 2020

Dear friends

During 9th International Symposium on Syrphidae (Curitiba), it was
presented the contribution titled: "Drone-flies and their rat-tailed larvae
(Diptera, Syrphidae), are they entomological sheep in wolf’s clothing?" (*)
The talk was related with the role of Eristalis tenax and other eristalines
as (facultative) myiasic agents in animals and humans around the world.

We prepare a paper that include a world review of this subject that it is
just available with a full-text view-only version using this link =>
The pdf will be downloadable if personal or institutional subscription to
journal exist, but the authors will be happy to send it to all people that
contact with us :-)

Also will be welcomed any info about the subject if do not appear cited in
the paper

All the best

*(*) title was inspired on Dolley (1930) "An entomological sheep in wolf's
clothing" based on resemblance of adults with the honey bee... but
finally larvae could be considered wolves in some cases...*

Santos Rojo
Department of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources
University of Alicante (Spain)
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