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Hi everyone

I am looking for the following papers or parts of it:

Strobl G. 1902. Novi prilozi fauny diptera balkanskog poluostrova [New contributions to the dipterous fauna of the Balkan peninsula]. Glas. Zemalj. Mus. Bosni Hercegovini 14: 461–517. In Serbian with brief descriptions in Latin.
Strobl G 1904. Neue beiträge zur Dipteren fauna der Balkanhalbinsel. Wissenschaftliche Mitteilungen aus Bosnien unde der Herzegowina 9: 1–63. German translation of Strobl 1902???.
Frey R. 1939. Die Arthropodenfauna von Madeira nach den Ergebnissen der Reise von Prof. Dr. O. Lundblad Juli ‑ August 1935. Diptera Brachycera. Arkiv für Zoologi 31(A)(4): 18 pp.

and pages 180 to 220 from the following (or the entire reference is also welcome)

Peck LV. 1988. Family Syrphidae. Pp. 11–245. In Soós, A. (editor), Catalogue of Palaearctic Diptera. Vol. 8 Syrphidae Conopidae. Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest.

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