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Respected all,
'for my thesis purpose i need the description of the following species, as
i dnt have any description of them except the fauna of India
*1.  Melanostoma orientale *
*2. Paragus bicolor*
*3.   Mallota varicolor*
*4. Mallota orientalis*
*5. Phytomia crassa*
*6. Eristalis himalayensis*
*7. Eristalis cerealis*
*8. Sphiximorpha triangulifera*
*9. Volucella ruficauda*

it will be highly helpful for me if i get supporter literature for these

*Jayita Sengupta*
*Senior Zoological Assistant*
*Zoological Survey of India*
*M Block, New Alipore*
*Kolkata: 700053*
*Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change*
*Government of India.*
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