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Cyrille DUSSAIX cyrille.dussaix at orange.fr
Tue Jan 2 18:03:16 GMT 2018

     Now, it is possible to see at least one species of each European 
genus by following Speight, M.C.D. (2016)*.
Thanks to the photographers and the moderator of this list (meeting).

To everyone, happy new year 2018 !

URL : http://cyrille.dussaix.pagesperso-orange.fr/L.html

* Speight, M.C.D. (2016) Species accounts of European Syrphidae 2016. 
Syrph the Net, the database of European Syrphidae (Diptera), vol. 93, 
288 pp., Syrph the Net publications, Dublin.


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