[Syrphidae] Re: species numbers of Syrphidae in Yemen, Oman and United Arabic Emirates

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Thank you very much Brigitte. I forgot to mention in my previous email that the reason why I want these estimates is that Ashley Kirk-Spriggs wants to have these estimates for the first volume of the upcoming Manual of Afrotropical Diptera (for one of the introductory chapters) because Syrphidae is one of the most speciose Afrotropical Diptera families.

Best wishes,

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Dear Kurt,

I should know, and I have a list of species that I will forward but it may not be the completed list. I’ll get back to you separately on Friday if that’s ok.

Kind regards,
Brigitte (based in the UAE)

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Subject: [Syrphidae] species numbers of Syrphidae in Yemen, Oman and United Arabic Emirates

Dear all,

Does someone have an idea on the current species numbers of Syrphidae in Yemen, Oman and UAE? Any publications and/or reports on this?

Thank you very much!


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