[Syrphidae] NSCF Postdoctoral grants: 2-year postdoctoral grants for research on South African collections or specimen data

Jordaens Kurt kurt.jordaens at africamuseum.be
Tue Dec 5 09:14:43 GMT 2017

Dear all,

The NSCF offers postdoctoral grants for two years to work in the collections of South African institutes.

The Natural Science Collections Facility, which is funded by the Department of Science & Technology as part of the South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap (SARIR), is offering two-year postdoctoral scholarships for research on South African collections or specimen data.
The objective of the postdoctoral grants is to enhance capacity for natural science collections-related research.
The following requirements must be met in order to qualify:
*             Applicants must have been awarded their PhD in the last five years (ie. after 2012).
*             Applicants must have completed a PhD in i. taxonomy or systematics that involved the study of natural science collections (botanical, zoological, palaeontological, macrofungal), or ii. biodiversity informatics or iii. innovative applications of natural science collections data, or iv. where the research involved innovative use of natural science collections.
*             Applicants may not be employed on a full-time basis.

This is a very good opportunity to study the syrphid collection of, e.g. the NMSA and BMSA. I have good contacts in both museums and have visited both collections several times over the last years myself;  both collection have ample opportunities to do taxonomic research on the Syrphidae. In case you know a suitable candidate, please let me know; I will be happy to assist him/her with the grant application.

Very best wishes,
Kurt Jordaens
Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA)
Dept. of Biology - Entomology
Leuvensesteenweg 11-13
B-3080 Tervuren
Brussels - Belgium
Tel. +3227695373
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