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Fri Oct 7 14:55:11 BST 2016

Dear all,

please allow me to inform you about the Bonn zoological Bulletin (BzB). As
Diptera editor, I would like to encourage you to submit any manuscript you
may have on your desk ready to be submitted.

Here you have some information about the BzB, a free of charge, open-access
journal published by our museum.

Best wishes!!



*Bonn zoological Bulletin* (BzB), formerly "Bonner zoologische Beiträge",
is an international, peer-reviewed, *open access* journal publishing
original research articles, reviews, and scientific notes.

The scope of the BzB includes biodiversity of terrestrial animals
(including fresh water taxa), with special focus on (1) taxonomy, (2)
evolutionary history, (3) biology and distribution of species, and (4)
notes and news from scientific zoological collections. Contributions from
related fields like ecology, morphology, physiology, genomics or behaviour
are welcome when of clear relevance to the focus topics.

BzB is a modern museum journal, published by the Zoological Research Museum
Alexander Koenig (Bonn). As an open access, free of charge journal, we aim
at being a platform for organism-focused, collection-based research,
fostering easy distribution and access of the latest findings in taxonomy
and other aspects of zoological biodiversity research.

Publication free of charge includes colour illustrations and photographs.
Authors retain full copyright of their published papers, and are encouraged
to share them with colleagues and post the original pdfs on their personal
website or elsewhere for non-commercial use. All material must be original,
unpublished work and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

BzB is published biannually, with online first publication of articles
immediately upon acceptance.
Articles in BzB should not exceed 50 printed pages. For more comprehensive
single papers, monographs and theme issues, BzB publishes a Supplementum
series (now BzB Supplementum, formerly Bonner zoologische Monographien).

Dr. Ximo Mengual
Head of the Diptera Section
Stiftung Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig
Leibniz-Institut für Biodiversität der Tiere
Adenauerallee 160
D-53113  Bonn, Germany
Phone: 0049 (0)228 9122 292
ZFMK web <https://www.zfmk.de/en/zfmk/ximo-mengual>
https://www.bolgermany.de/ | http://syrphidae.lifedesks.org/
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