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Hi Sander,

...and an extra that you might have missed in google...

Eine neue Orthonevra von Korsika (Diptera, Syrphidae) from Claus Claußen



Sander Bot schreef op 14-03-2016 15:15:
> Hi everybody,
> Upcoming April 8 I will visit Corsica for a week. Besides having a
> vacation I would like to collect a hoverfly or two. Some quick & dirty
> googling does not provide me with lots of information on Syrphidae on
> Corsica.
> I can find three papers which will be useful:
> - Doczkal 1996 Description of two new species of the genus Eumerus
> Meigen (Diptera, Syrphidae) from Corsica
> - Van der Goot, V.S. (1961) Zweefvliegenvangst op Corsica.
> _Entomologische Berichten_, _Deel_, 21: 219-223.
> - Goeldlin de Tiefenau, P. & Lucas, J.A.W. (1981) _Paragus__ _(Dipt.,
> Syrphidae) de Corse et de Sardaigne. _Bull.Soc.Ent.Suisse_, 54:
> 389-397.
> I have a few questions:
> - Does anyone have pdf’s of the 1961 and 1981 papers? (I have the
> 1996 one)
> - Sure I miss some useful literature, any other papers that could be
> useful? Does a checklist exist?
> - Does anyone has experience with collecting on Corsica or with
> collecting in early April in the Mediterranean (I am a bit early in
> the season I guess)?
>   Many thanks for any help,
> Sander Bot
> botsander at gmail.com
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