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Ebrahim Gilasian egilasian at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 26 07:39:55 BST 2016

Dear colleagues,
I am extremely in need of the following papers for my current taxonomic study on the Iranian species of the genus Sphiximorpha. I would appreciate it if you send me only the copies of the pages that contain the descriptions and illustrations of the species S. fulvescens and S. triangulifera1- Brunetti, 1915. Notes on Oriental Syrphidae with descriptions of new species. Part II. Records of the Indian Museum, 11: 201-256. (as Ceriana fulvescens)2- Brunetti, 1913. New and interesting Diptera from the eastern Himalayas. Records of the Indian Museum, 9: 255-277. (as Ceriana triangulifera)
Best regards,
Ebrahim Gilasian
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