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Hi Malin
Females of both these species are generally darker,but there is considerable
variation in both sexes and all-dark specimens exist in both sexes. But the
shape and width of frons is most reliable, and in arbustorum, even a pale
female looks very different to a plane male i.e. the patterns are different.
But just using 'brightness' alone is not relaibale. For more info, see my
Flickr feature:
You also need to account for the other Ersitalis species that fly alongside
tenax and arbustorum.
Good luck,
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During this years field season I have started to consider whether the
coloration of the abdomen can help in sex identification, particularity of
Eristalis tenax and Eristalis arbustorum. My feeling is that the most
brightly coloured individuals appear to be male, whereas the individuals
with darker colours could be either male or female. Have anyone noted
something similar or do you have another way to quickly determine sex in the
field (except for the difference in eye morphology, which even though useful
can be a bit tricky in some field situations)?

Best Regards
Malin Thyselius

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