[Syrphidae] Invertebrates biodiversity of a nature preserve in an urban setting

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Dear all,

I wanted to share the following paper which has been published this week:
"Macro-invertebrate Biodiversity of a Coastal Prairie with Vernal Pool Habitat."
Macro-invertebrate Biodiversity of a Coastal Prairie with Vernal Pool Habitat
It details the results of an invertebrates biodiversity inventory project at a 44 acre nature preserve surrounded by urbanization.

13 syrphid species were recorded among the 689 invertebrate taxa:
Allograpta obliqua
Eristalis sp.?
Eristalis nemorum?
Eupeodes volucris
Lejops polygrammus(?)
Palpada alhambra
Palpada mexicana
Paragus haemorrhous(?)
Scaeva pyrastri
Sphaerophoria contigua
Syritta pipiens
Toxomerus marginatus
Toxomerus occidentalis



Emile Fiesler, President
Minimally-invasive Biological Inventories, Surveys, and Biodiversity Assessments
Phone: +1-720-834-28-78
E-mail: BioVeyda at yahoo.com

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