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Yes, Kumar, I would appreciate receiving them. If you want I can make them
available for Downl,oad on Diptera.info, either as public download or for
Members Only.

Best wishes,


On 3 April 2016 at 02:36, Kumar Ghorpade <rhinobaccha at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> These arewhatI published last year.  Happy to mail PDs to any requestirs.
> Best in 2016 !
> Ghorpadé, K. & Knutson, L. 2015.  A conspectus of Oriental—Papuan
> Sciomyzidae  (Diptera—Acalyptratae), with keys  to genera and an updated
> check-list.  *Colemania*, No. 47, pp. 3-14.
> Ghorpadé, K., Thapa, S. & Chhetri, S.  2015.  A Check-list of Black-flies
> (Diptera—Simuliidae) of  the Indian sub-continent.  *Colemania,* No. 48,
> pp. 1-12.
> Ghorpadé, K. 2015.  A summary, updated account of the Hover-flies
> (Diptera—Syrphidae) of the Nepal Himalaya. *Colemania*, No. 49, pp. 1-11.
> Ghorpadé, K. 2015.  Hover-flies (Diptera—Syrphidae) documented from the
> Northwest Frontier of the Indian sub-continent : a circumstantial history
> and inclusive bibliography. *Colemania*, No. 50,  pp. 1-151.
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